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Last summer, the American Civil Liberties Union reported that Amazon's facial recognition ... "It means the government, without consulting the public, a requirement by Congress, or consent from any ...
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...subpoenaed records from "at least two prominent makers of smartphones and other devices", the Times reported, citing two unnamed sources. The two companies are among more than 150, including Amazon, ...
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...and makes more than $25 billion a year in revenue as a "platform utility" and prohibit those companies from using those platforms from selling their own products. Under Warren's plan, Amazon would ...
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Facebook, Amazon, and Google," read the ads, which Warren's campaign had placed Friday. "We all use ...down because it goes against Facebook's advertising policies." Morning Tech Technology news from ...
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The coffee managers went to Munich, but refused the offer from Amazon. A few months later, Amazon made a deal to buy private label coffee directly with a coffee roaster. As with traditional retailers,...
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... il settore delle vendite al dettaglio è stato colpito molto duramente, o meglio Amazon sta ... More than 1,100 stores closures were announced in a single day as fallout from the retail apocalypse picks ...
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...of box-drawing correct? Is the intelligence collection behind that data good or was it gleaned from ... How leaders of companies like Microsoft and Amazon navigate that space is an open question. On its ...
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The effort, dubbed Project Zero, is designed to attract companies that have held back from selling their products on Amazon to exercise more control over their brands. It also allows Amazon to pass ...
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for $13.7 billion, grocery store stocks fell through the floor; from MarketWatch, emphasis mine,: Shares of grocery stores took an unexpected hit Friday as investors reeled from the news that Amazon.
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Supplemental Streaming With as many as 1 in 5 people mooching Amazon Video, Hulu, or Netflix account information from someone else, we asked viewers about the people who paid for these video ...
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