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Another key example is what is happening in Henan, where the government recognizes almost none of the dioceses - minus Anyang - and where the campaign to destroy underground communities and register ...
Settimo Cielo - Magister  -  16-9-2019
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And it not rarely happens that none of the three satisfies them, with the result of delaying the appointment for years and leaving the diocese vacant. In China the Holy See is at an even bigger ...
Settimo Cielo - Magister  -  31-8-2019
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...} @list l0:level1 {mso-level-start-at:0; mso-level-number-format:bullet; mso-level-text:-; mso-level-tab-stop:none; mso-level-number-position:left; text-indent:-18.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; ...
sollevazione  -  28-8-2019
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You have slept in the sun Longer than the sphinx, and are none the wiser for it. Come in. And I thought a shadow fell across the door But it was only her come to ask once more If I was coming in, and ...
Leparoleelecose  -  28-8-2019
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And yet, miraculously, none of that damaged Paglia's career, which rose even higher under the pontificate of Francis. Who in mid-August of 2016 appointed none other than him Grand Chancellor of the ...
Settimo Cielo  -  27-8-2019
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But Microsoft's then dominant Internet Explorer browser would have none of it. Google had just launched Adwords, their textual ads placed above search engine results. Pop-up ads were in the same ...
*dotcoma  -  25-8-2019
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None will remain in Malta -JM 2/2 - Joseph Muscat, @JosephMuscat_JM, August 23, 2019 Il Ministro dell'Interno francese, Christian Castaner , ha reso noto che 'La Francia ribadisce la propria ...
Leggilo  -  24-8-2019
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... an imposing " Dictionary on sex, love, and fecundity," published in Italy in 2019 by Cantagalli and curated by none other than one of the purged professors, José Noriega. The signatories of the ...
Settimo Cielo  -  18-8-2019
In addition to the fact that there are many Jewish converts, drawn to the faith by none other than G.K. Chesterton, I wish to emphasize that there is not a wisp of hostility toward the Jews in our ...
Il blog dell'Uomo Vivo  -  5-8-2019
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Among the beneficiaries of the donation under seizure, which totaled 120 million Swiss francs, was none other than the Order of Malta. In the course of 2013 and 2014, nonetheless, Boeselager and ...
Settimo Cielo  -  25-7-2019
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