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... the more likely the vulnerability is to be discovered and patched. To solve this problem, Facebook announced earlier this year preliminary results from its efforts to move a global mass surveillance ...
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... and a barrage of accusations besieged Milone, but a year later Vatican officials exonerated the ... Sources say the initiative to obtain the bank statements was most likely sabotaged after certain ...
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... in many cases likely for merely making a compliance error where consumers have not suffered any ... Location-targeted advertising sales brought in an estimated $21 billion last year.Senator Kamala ...
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The GHG mitigation gap--the difference between the annual GHG emissions likely from agriculture and ... in order to reach the 4 Gt CO2 e/year target by 2050 for limiting global temperature rise to 2°C. ...
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... @business, May 8, 2019 Of course, 14 months ago the call was for 4% 10-year yields, not 3% https://... I believe that we are likely approaching a paradigm shift in the markets and recently explained the ...
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...Ford and Volkswagen in ride-sharing services.CreditCreditJeff Swensen for The New York TimesA year ... Most of those cars have yet to arrive -- and it is likely to be years before they do. Several ...
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... most adults in the country of seven million people are likely to have had some data compromised.Bulgarian authorities have arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of involvement in the attack.Among ...
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...collection and other company practices that have attracted heavy criticism during the past year. "... how do we take back control of the internet? Read more The next great regulatory vision is likely to ...
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... as companies realize that it will likely take years before it takes off in a substantial way. "... is expected to be commercialized next year after more than five years of work, said Rhomaios Ram, head ...
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The technology, he reported back, was "likely to be a serious health hazard." He summarized his ... the first in February 2000 and the second in September of that year. The latter study went to the ...
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