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... while its ownership is with the Italian state. Borghi, who heads the Budget Committee in the Lower ... , Adds background on legislation for central bank's gold in last paragraph., To contact the ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14-2-2019
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A no-deal Brexit, upheaval in Italian politics or a deteriorating labor market are among the risks ... one could argue that the odds are tilted in favor of such an outcome." , Adds industrial ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  13-2-2019
The gold ownership bill presented by euroskeptic lawmaker Claudio Borghi of the League adds to an already tense relationship between the Bank of Italy and the coalition government. It's also sparked ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  11-2-2019
... which wants a focus on economic growth after Italian industrial production fell for a fourth ... starting with all the building sites possible: ports, hospitals, schools, roads." , Adds Di Maio, ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  10-2-2019
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Fonte della foto: La Stampa
The story ends here for me.' Savio adds: 'This family needs to become close again.' In the social ...000 euros.' An original version of this article first appeared in Italian in La Stampa .
La Stampa  -  8-2-2019
"This is short-term bad for Italian bonds," said Jens Peter Sorensen, chief analyst at Danske Bank A/S. "When in doubt, buy bunds." The latest indictment of the stagnating euro-area economy adds to ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  7-2-2019
"Clearly the treasury wants to pre-fund as much as it can in this low-yield environment." , Adds bidding figures and price guidance from first paragraph, details on global debt demand and Italian ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  6-2-2019
, Adds euro area's PMI in third paragraph, report by business lobby in fifth., --With assistance from Lorenzo Totaro and Kevin Costelloe. To contact the reporter on this story: Carolynn Look in ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  1-2-2019
Bloomberg, -- Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said the economy probably shrank in the fourth quarter, plunging ... , Adds Conte comment in fifth paragraph., --With assistance from Chiara Albanese, Zoe ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  31-1-2019
... Joint ventures with international partners: Italian energy firm Ansaldo Energia SpA and Turkey's ... , Adds soccer clubs restructuring in fourth paragraph., To contact the reporters on this story: Ercan ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  24-1-2019
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