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I often heard in high school that I would be more attractive if I didn't have such hairy hands. With time, it gradually became clear to me that the main reason I shave is the inner pressure from this ...
MTV  -  10 ore fa
"Active asset management, trading, hedge funds and other alternative strategies seem attractive in the current environment," Wahlroos said. He cautioned against reading too much into stock-market ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14 ore fa
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The Norwegian bidder has argued this made its offer even more attractive, while Faroe's management insisted it offer undervalued the company. "It was entirely the oil price" and DNO's timing, Faroe's ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  12-1-2019
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Issuers are also rushing to lock in "attractive funding levels," particularly swapped into dollars, before new volatility emerges, said Mark Byrne, director of syndicate at TD Securities Inc. It's a "...
Finanza Repubblica  -  11-1-2019
attempts to wind such rules back, that should make palladium still more attractive in the rest of the world. At some point over the next decade " when electric cars start to seriously eat into ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  11-1-2019
"Our focus is on small incomes, medium incomes, and on measures to make Austria more attractive as a place to do business," Kurz said ahead of a meeting in Mauerbach outside of Vienna. "The tax ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  10-1-2019
Their positions also contrast with efforts by Carige's administrators to shore up the bank's balance sheet, reduce bad loans and firm up a business plan to make the lender more attractive to a ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  9-1-2019
Fonte della foto: La Stampa
Property in the area becomes more attractive, causing market prices to surge. To understand this urban phenomena, we first need to take a step back. In the 1980s, the area was crawling with Chinese ...
La Stampa  -  9-1-2019
"Our historical analysis further suggests that long volatility positions in the Swedish krona and Norwegian krone crosses could be attractive proxy hedges if Brexit fears escalate again next week." ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  9-1-2019
Bloomberg, -- Volkswagen AG is setting up its own charging and electricity unit in a bid to make the German manufacturer's upcoming battery-powered cars more attractive to buyers. Elli Group GmbH will supply households with renewable power and charging systems, and offer infrastructure for offices and shopping centers. Elli's portfolio will take shape over ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  8-1-2019
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