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Fonte della foto: La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
"It was his own spontaneous initiative and neither myself not the rest of the cabinet, collegially, ... They said they were proud to be able to announce the sponsorship of the Friuli Venezia Giulia ...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  22-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Parkett
My father died during the making of the album, I was getting myself out of personal trouble for the ... You will be performing in Turin, at Bunker next 23rd March, for the Berlin Invasion party. How do ...
Parkett  -  21-3-2019
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I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible., 1/?, - Shane Dawson, @shanedawson, 18 marzo 2019 Ecco ...  -  19-3-2019
Fonte della foto: MTV
... I have starved myself for weeks in advance and then picked and prodded at every picture and then ... I'll always be at war with this bloody mirror but this shoot and this day was a step in the right ...
MTV  -  18-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Bitchyf
... "Heaven" " Kane Brown "Meant To Be" " Bebe Rexha featuring Florida Georgia Line "  WINNER "Most ... Myself & I" " Zayn "Natural Woman" " Ariana Grande "Rewrite the Stars" " Anne-Marie and James Arthur "...
Bitchyf  -  15-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Il Giornale
For the last year, I have immersed myself in learning about the criminal justice system. I visited ... And we should not be okay with the risk that an innocent person could be executed. I hope we can ...
Il Giornale  -  13-3-2019
Ma i risultati sono stati sempre infruttuosi Y'all be lying like shit on here. That pineapple shit ... @coconutszn, 6 marzo 2019 Tried out the #pineapplehack for myself and can confirm that it works, ...
GreenMe  -  13-3-2019
Fonte della foto:
And I'm here to say that I did not ask for this attention, I did not ask to be thrown into some ... YES I am hurt and sad and crying and beside myself with what happened to my dad. It's the worst thing ...  -  12-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Rockit
Così, in " Be Myself" troviamo l'impossibilità di muoversi e di portare a compimento le proprie scelte, mentre in un brano come " Sink " emerge la tematica della depressione e la conseguente ...
Rockit  -  11-3-2019
Fonte della foto: La nuova Bussola Quotidiana
... and I ask myself: how do you 'change sex?' It is possible to write male instead of female on ... but what we ought to be. Our true nature is a project, vocation, to be fulfilled. Now, are we only ...
La nuova Bussola Quotidiana  -  10-3-2019
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