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Any decision "will depend on the best strategy to protect the State's position as a creditor." The ... "That depends on European Union rules of course." Debt will not be carried over into the proposed ...
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...May faces many problems as she tries to nail down a divorce agreement with the European Union but ... If he backs the compromise, it stands the best possible chance of winning the support of Parliament, ...
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... and we acknowledge that the Estonian FSA, against this background, finds it best that Danske Bank the heart of the scandal allegedly became the go-to bank for crooks in the former Soviet Union to ...
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...funds that flowed through Estonia are alleged to have originated in the former Soviet Union. "We ... and we acknowledge that the Estonian FSA, against this background, finds it best that Danske Bank ...
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The Polish currency has been beaten down by a row with the European Union over the rule of law and ... The next-best performer will be the Romanian leu, with a 0.4 percent loss. The zloty was little ...
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Luoghi:warsawu.s the go-to firm for money managers in London and New York looking for difficult-to-access opportunities in Russia's consumer sector as it grew out of the ashes of the Soviet Union. The firm is best ...
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... it could also put the nation in conflict with the European Union once again. The bloc's deficit ... investors could choose to snap up Italian bonds, which pay some of the best rates in the euro area. ...
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... Russia wouldn't need its frozen conflicts and buffer zones in the former Soviet Union, either. The ... It is at worst a threat and at best unpredictable. Instead of working patiently to make Russia more ...
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Luoghi:russiau.s unite behind her in driving through a Brexit agreement that might be palatable to European Union ... and Airbus is preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best, she said on "The Andrew Marr ...
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...pave their path into the European Union. "I want to believe that 2019 will be the year of the agreement," Thaci said through a translator during an interview in Munich on Saturday "This is the best ...
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