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Fonte della foto: La Repubblica
Notre Dame is an iconic symbol of faith to people all over the world " and it is heartbreaking to ...for a higher purpose"to build breathtaking spaces for worship that no one person could have built on ...
La Repubblica  -  15-4-2019
Organizzazioni:notre dameunesco
Designed by the Monte San Giorgio Foundation, and built with the support of the Federal Office for the Environment and the Regional Development Agency ... which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in ...
VareseNews  -  4-4-2019
Fonte della foto: Girodivite
PAME is an active member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, which lists 100,000,000 members, ... To overcome reservations and to unite in the great path of class struggle that we built with great ...
Girodivite  -  3-4-2019
Fonte della foto: Padova News
...75MW Zonnepark Rilland project, which is the largest utility-scale solar power plant built with N-... SZ: 300393, is the world leader in the development, production and marketing of PV backsheet, high-...
Padova News  -  1-4-2019
Fonte della foto: Padova News
... and bioinformatics services to accelerate product development.' The HudsonAlpha GSL was built at the Institute by renowned genomic scientist, Shawn Levy, PhD, establishing itself as one of the world'...
Padova News  -  29-3-2019
... in creating the daily edition I sought comparisons that were truly free, not built on the ... Monda did not consider Scaraffia the only repository of female thought in the ecclesial world, and this ...
La Stampa  -  27-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Padova News
Our platform is built ground up to fundamentally reinvent how machines understand human languages,' ... With our world-class engineering team with over 25 years of experience building complex enterprise ...
Padova News  -  27-3-2019
Tornavento is a small world where everything is available in few metres: the nursery school, the ... so-called because its water is always clean, and its breath-taking landscapes, built by human ...
VareseNews  -  21-3-2019
Persone:ambrogio milani
Fonte della foto: Padova News
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the world's leading automotive alliance, today announced the production release of the Alliance ... Leveraging the size and scale of the Alliance, we have built an intelligent ...
Padova News  -  20-3-2019
Fonte della foto: Padova News
It is powered by the Web of Science " the world's largest publisher-neutral citation index and ... Building on a heritage going back more than a century and a half, we have built some of the most ...
Padova News  -  19-3-2019
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