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... che cosa ne ha scritto ad esempio il Financial Times: Looking at raw valuation data for the U.S., we again come up with a plausible case that what we just witnessed was a drastic but welcome ...
SoldiOnLine.it  -  15-1-2019
"I am locked up in my house like many others, but information I have is that fighting is going on" ...police crackdown as opposition supporters protested election results that few considered plausible. ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  7-1-2019
... a California startup specializing in big-data analytics, provides plausible scope for synergies by ... That's punchy, but a bit below the ZPG take-out multiple. The new owners would be lucky to finance ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14-12-2018
"For sure, profit growth is set to be slow, but if you throw together plausible estimates of dividend growth with currently available dividend yields, high single-digit percentage returns are ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  5-12-2018
A tactical retreat was justified, for lack of a plausible alternative, but surrendering altogether would be a big mistake " and not just because the policy is right. That kind of defeat might cripple ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  5-12-2018
...the European Union -- prompting former Governor Mervyn King to say key assumptions aren't plausible. Things were "simpler" then but "we know how that turned out," he said. The exchanges weren't as ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  4-12-2018
The reasons given by Kier Group Plc for the heavily dilutive 264 million-pound, $337 million, rights offering it announced on Friday may be plausible " but the timing raises awkward questions for ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  30-11-2018
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... nay dull at times, in its detail, but exciting in the amalgam." "Management has seized upon the ...special dividend and CEO departure perhaps make an acquisition of Elior's Areas unit less plausible ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  21-11-2018
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I will concede that this is the first time the mass panic has at least seemed plausible. But there'll be *something* for Boy at 40 or AB at 30, or a new record. U2 won't sit still and they won't ...
GQitalia.it  -  14-11-2018
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... Women of the World One Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way 13, There Is a Light, I will concede that this is the first time the mass panic has at least seemed plausible. But there'll be *...
Rockol  -  14-11-2018
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