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pressure on other fronts " the Iran nuclear deal, the Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline, Chinese equipment for 5G mobile networks " this would amount to hostile action, comparable in effect to ...
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... Italia " Film, Fashion and Art Fest, il celebre festival organizzato ogni anno a Hollywood da Pascal Vicedomini, che si terrà al Chinese Theatre dal 17 al 23 febbraio. L'attrice è infatti nel cast ...
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The railway faced resistance from Hong Kong democracy activists because of the location of the Chinese border crossing in the terminus building. They argued it would undermine a constitutional ban on ...
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1 foreign manufacturer on the mainland, is expecting further growth for the company this year, but has predicted the overall Chinese market to shrink in the first half. Jaguar Land Rover Automotive ...
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National Security Issues Posed by Chinese Telecommunications Companies Huawei and ZTE". E' il documento con cui si evidenzia formalmente il rischio di vulnerabilità e vengono ipotizzati seri rischi ...
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on Iran, on market access for Chinese companies such as Huawei and on Nord Stream 2. Despite European officials' determination to preserve what's left of the U.S.-led liberal world order, the cracks ...
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Air Force, making the Chinese government uncomfortable. So, it has developed an alternative called the Beidou Navigation System, which eventually will provide positioning accuracies of 1 meter, 3 ...
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La serata, nella sua nona edizione, è stata co-organizzata dall' Overseas Chinese Affiairs Office of the State Council , All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese e dalla Federation of ...
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Car producers' and suppliers' stocks in Europe have gained in 2019 -- with the Stoxx 600 automotive index jumping 9.6 percent -- amid optimism that the U.S.-Chinese talks will resolve a dispute ...
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Their lobbying exposes a weakness: Europe hasn't been at the forefront on 5G, even before the Trump administration began pushing allies to block Huawei over concerns that the Chinese government could ...
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