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Therefore destroying Christianity, that ennobles freedom, will be part of the agenda for the Great Reset. Bergolio's election had this exact purpose as it's base. There is an uncomfortable ...
Marco Tosatti  -  18-11-2020
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In una recensione de Il petroliere pubblicata su Christianity Today, il filosofo Jean Bethke Elshtain definì la performance di Freasier come "semplicemente sorprendente". Dal suo debutto Freasier non ...  -  31-10-2020
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Fonte della foto: Marco Tosatti
... Washington DC,   On November 3, two opposite visions of America will confront each other: order against violence, rule of law against arbitrariness, freedom against tyranny, Christianity against neo-...
Marco Tosatti  -  31-10-2020
Fonte della foto: La Voce
And, because in these past decades, in all sorts of ways, people kept speaking of " not only the agony of Christianity, but the eclipse of the Sacred, secularization, and the crisis of Western ...
La Voce  -  30-10-2020
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  This dream is by no means Christianity, not that of the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Churches. Freedom and truth will always be in conflict in our finiteness, and in the face of the fact the ...
Settimo Cielo - Magister  -  29-10-2020
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Father Cantalamessa is a Capuchin Franciscan who was the professor of the history of Christianity at the Catholic University of Milan. For 40 years now, since 1980, he has been the Preacher of the ...
Marco Tosatti  -  29-10-2020
Fonte della foto: Marco Tosatti
And yet it is precisely in these recent times that the church of Bergoglio has married these Enlightenment values and this Chinese alliance, putting an end to the moral values of Christianity and ...
Marco Tosatti  -  21-10-2020
Fonte della foto: Marco Tosatti
The radical Hindus periodically massacre Hindus who have converted to Christianity, because for them every Dalit who converts to Christianity means one less slave. This is why Bergoglio's sentiment "...
Marco Tosatti  -  20-10-2020
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... es decir, de los que que se declaran ateos, agnósticos o en todo caso privados de cualquier pertenencia religiosa: > In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace. An Update on America's ...
Settimo Cielo - Magister  -  19-10-2020
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* In another survey published last March, the Pew Research Center found that a majority of US citizens say Christianity's influence on American society is decreasing. But this does not change the ...
Settimo Cielo - Magister  -  19-10-2020
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