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But there is a way to square the circle and improve the lot of both groups: Politicians could grant ... place an extra burden on cash-strapped governments to monitor areas like gig economy sick pay. ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
...000 euros, while 9 other people will have to pay between 26,000 euros and 100,000 euros. The probe ... A much more amateurish circle also emerged. The potato seller -- who didn't trade on the non-public ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  18-12-2018
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"We pay more and more for fewer and fewer services. Where is the money going?" he asked. He wants ...police blocked access to the monument and tear gas was being fired on the other side of the circle. ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  2-12-2018
... Funding Circle Ltd., Supercell Oy, TransferWise Ltd., Blablacar and U.S.-based Stripe Inc., the ... "You can't pay as high as Google or Facebook but one of the benefits you have is you're sharing part ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  28-11-2018
... come la maggior parte dei circoli tedeschi, ai visitatori "pay and play"; una scelta intelligente ... Grazie alle convenzioni con i club del "Munich Green Fee Circle" e del circuito "Leading Golf Clubs ...
Bel Vivere  -  17-11-2018
But the picture now is of a diminished figure with a debt to pay on the world stage. Read More: ... It's a chance for the prince to revamp his inner circle and bring in people who better understand ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  1-11-2018
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...with a ton of potentially 'loco' Fed speak on tap Plans Next Tuesday? You should probably circle ... Here's why you need to pay attention: 1, It's the first of the FAANGs to report, so it could set the ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  12-10-2018
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... which is working to square the circle with underlying assumptions, appears to be on a collision ...Price difference between the two CDS contracts shows the extra premium investors are willing to pay ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  8-10-2018
... $655 million, , giving the French retailer a much-needed infusion of cash as short sellers circle ... other than to say it was a "major institutional investor." Casino will pay an annual rent of 27 ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  1-10-2018
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