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Here's your daily guide to the latest news. Two weeks out and a lot of Italians still have no idea ...2017 export figures for Italy to argue that the center-left government has overseen an economic ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  16-2-2018
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The results largely signal a global economic outlook that remains bright overall: Economists are ... while alternative measures have chased daily cost swings. A recent government slashing of grocery ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14-2-2018
... and is closing on Russia's 10.95 million daily barrels. That could be passed by the end of the ... Economic forecasts remain strong and that ought to underpin another big increase in the thirst for oil ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  11-2-2018
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Campagna Il Daily Telegraph , decisamente schierato a favore del 'leave' ha scritto che la ' ... Al World Economic Forum di Davos due settimane fa, il tycoon ha predetto che l'incantesimo al potere del ...
In Terris  -  9-2-2018
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Improving economic data in the eurozone and Japan has caused investors and pension funds to clamor ... Fonte: Soc Gen Fonte: Soc Gen Nel daily dedicato ai Clienti, The Morning Brief, di oggi 8 febbraio ...  -  8-2-2018
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That positive momentum for the pound was kept up in January, with the arrival of fresh economic ... Fonte: MW Fonte: Nasdaq Nel daily dedicato ai Clienti, The Morning Brief, di oggi 2 febbraio 2018, ...  -  2-2-2018
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... even as some bet stronger economic growth will eclipse its drag on equities. European companies ... Subsea 7 SA, LEG Immobilien AG, Veolia Environnement SA, Tryg A/S, EMS-Chemie Holding AG, Daily Mail &...
Finanza Repubblica  -  26-1-2018
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...tangible results for Europeans… and for the environment! These new buses will improve the daily ...  The renewal of the bus fleet will also bring economic benefits by reducing operating and maintenance ...
Tribuna Economica  -  24-1-2018
Putin's economic aide, Andrey Belousov, is spearheading the proposed budget overhaul, they said. ... Business daily Vedomosti earlier reported that Russia may shift budget expenditures to social needs ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  16-1-2018
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Il quarantanovenne Yu Haibo è un regista e noto fotografo cinese, direttore della Shenzhen Professional Photographers Association e chief photo editor di Shenzhen Economic Daily . Il suo reportage ...
Sentieri Selvaggi  -  15-1-2018
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