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...forum also discussed rejuvenation plans that utilize arts and how to revitalize industrial heritage through architecture and urban planning. Summary of the discussion 1. A museum is not just a place ...
Padova News  -  21-5-2018
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But if you know what you're doing If you know what you want Everything will fall in place ...in an ongoing balance between reaching for modernity and pouring her discoveries straight into her heritage. ...
Vogue Italia  -  16-5-2018
...of the brand and clearly communicate the elements that are part of the history and the heritage of ... Second, to commemorate our place in the past and the present, we wanted an authentic, somehow retro ...
Padova News  -  23-4-2018
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Another issue is that even UBS's money-management arm, whose Swiss heritage is seen as a key competitive advantage, isn't immune to some of the big structural shifts taking place in the business. The ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  23-4-2018
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... World International Sicilian Heritage, con il sostegno del Ministero degli Esteri, della Regione ... FABBRI per le Arti Contemporanee, a cura di Carlo Sala, Pieve di Soligo, TV , 2016, "  NO PLACE 2, a ...
Scomunicando  -  16-4-2018
Fonte della foto: SiciliaInformazioni.com
The 'Preserving the cultural heritage of Iraq: the contribution of the Italian archaeological ... The exhibition is taking place at the Italian-Iraqi Institute of Archaeological Sciences, the foreign ...
SiciliaInformazioni.com  -  9-4-2018
With seven games to go in the season, the Hammers are in 17th place, two points away from losing ... a result of the stadium's Olympic heritage and the running track that separates the field from the ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  27-3-2018
...dressed woman who refreshes a male pilot with a drink -- a nod to the brand's aviation heritage ...Hermes and Ulysse Nardin have left for a rival Geneva fair that's more exclusive and takes place in ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  22-3-2018
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Look for smarter styles that can take the place of a blazer or go for overdyed twill designs to nod to the garment's outdoorsy heritage. DICKIES: £75.00 Also Try J. CREW WALLACE & BARNES CHORE JACKET ...
The Bird  -  16-3-2018
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... KG is most definitely the place to be. Buy Now: £99.00 Oliver Sweeney Lovingly designed in London ... Buy Now: £329.00 Aquila Born in 1958, this heritage Australian brand has Italian craftsmanship in ...
The Bird  -  7-3-2018
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