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... Czech Republic, Slovakia, and now the post - Merkel Germany ... It was the highest in the EU and has increased proportionally more ... Export, Lombardia, Veneto ed Emilia Romagna regine del made in Italy ...
Italia Oggi  -  7 ore fa
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made last year to work together to prevent Russia from using ... Germany coordinates with the U. S. and other EU members on possible ... Blinken, Lavrov meet in Geneva The talks between U. S. Secretary ...
Girodivite  -  19 ore fa
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"We warmly thank the people of Germany and the German Government ...will help ECW reach more of the 128 million children caught in ... threatening decades of progress made toward gender equality. ...
Adnkronos  -  23 ore fa
  During the pandemic, most EU member states made far - reaching ...will review the impact of current policies on our society and in ... Maria Hubmer - Mogg, doctor (Germany) Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude, ...
NoGeoingegneria  -  23-1-2022
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...un finanziamento di 50 milioni di euro erogato da ING Germany a ...attraverso la quale SACE fa da apripista all'export italiano in ...all'export italiano in mercati ad alto potenziale per il Made in ...  -  23-1-2022
...of the actual report shows that the law firm's experts who made ...their initial view and concluded that Ratzinger did not engage in ...was entrusted with pastoral work in a foreign [outside of Germany] ...
Il Sismografo  -  22-1-2022
A long - awaited report on sexual abuse in Germany's Munich ...Pope Benedict XVI's handling of four cases when he was archbishop in ... and until Thursday only, known case involving him was made public. ...
Il Sismografo  -  21-1-2022
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Under the terms of the agreement, Peijia has made a cash and ... Peijia has made a cash and equity investment in JenaValve and will ... K., and Munich, Germany, is a pioneer in the TAVR field. Its ...
Adnkronos  -  19-1-2022
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... Germany, and Japan. About HARMAN Digital Transformation ...Transformation Solutions (DTS) is a strategic business unit dedicated in ... telecom and industrial being our key focus areas, we have made ...
01Net  -  19-1-2022
... Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, U. K., France, Italy,  Spain, ...for the development of fuel - efficient vehicles and aircrafts in ... We Offer tailor - made Solutions to fit Your Requirements, Request ...
Padova News  -  18-1-2022
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