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... Giift, the Loyalty Marketplace specializing in the exchange of loyalty currencies , points, miles, gift cards, rewards, announced that it delivered $1bn in transactions in Q3 '18, two years ahead ...
Padova News  -  12-10-2018
... GM President Dan Ammann attributed the higher incident rate to the greater number of miles ... The system could sense when the car was bearing down too quickly on someone's rear bumper up ahead. Today, ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  3-10-2018
... the super-car brand that's pushed boundaries with 16 cylinder engines, top speeds beyond 200 miles ... must be economically viable to go ahead, Winkelmann said. "We need to come up with a convincing ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  3-10-2018
... 62.1 miles, per hour in less than three seconds. Krueger on Brexit, 2:10 p.m., BMW CEO Harald ... The Munich-based carmaker need more sales momentum to make good on a promise to pull ahead of rival ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  2-10-2018
The government is moving ahead with a plan to complete the privatization of its maritime cargo ... 68 miles, south of the embattled city of Donetsk. "Whoever wants to invest in these ports, they are ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  20-9-2018
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Al termine proiezioni di Miles Ahead di Dan Cheadle , ore 20.30, Sala Tre, 26.09 - Cinema Massimo " Histoire, s, du Cinéma presenta Susanna di Howard Hawks , ore 18.00, Sala Tre, 27.09 - ...
Torino  -  19-9-2018
He said that the E-Tron delivers about 30 miles to 50 miles less range than the Tesla Model X, ... Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi took a similar stance ahead of the E-Tron unveiling, noting that ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  18-9-2018
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... while the iNext will go beyond what competitors are offering with advanced self-driving capabilities and a driving range of about 600 kilometers, 370 miles,. "It's very important that this car adds ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  16-9-2018
After a decade of indecision, officials have rallied around a plan for a seawall almost 60 miles ... Houston is determined to press ahead. Harvey's floods only confirmed that governments need to start ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  30-8-2018
Bloomberg, -- Dyson Ltd., best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, is charging ahead with a 2-billion-pound, $2.6 billion, effort to start building electric cars, unveiling plans ...10 miles ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  30-8-2018
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