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Fonte della foto: La Repubblica They piled on the pain But his soul's not there where it was ... let's keep hope alive Turn the radio on; don't touch the dials ...of yours has gone to my head I'm just a patsy like Patsy Cline Never ...
La Repubblica  -  27-3-2020
Persone:bob dylanplay
... 'Nah, I'll put on the radio though' , I might let you go, Lay ... Uh,, vibrate My ex on some BS She walked out the closet Girl, never ... I prefer to just stroll the park with this Chaka Baby girl was ...
Newsic  -  23-3-2020
Fonte della foto: Radio Lombardia
...was silence yes there was no people here yes I walked through the streets of Dublin and no-one was ...Across rooftops Sing to me down the phone Sing and promise me you won't stop Sing and you're never ...
Radio Lombardia  -  18-3-2020
Persone:u2bono vox
La redazione di Never Was Radio è composta da una ventina di persone, impegnate - come molti altri in queste settimane - a lavorare da casa propria. Ma quella che per molti non è altro che una ...
VareseNews  -  12-3-2020
... con Radio Italia come Radio Ufficiale. La cantante sarà anche ... Maybe I never told you that when I was I child my father, singer and ...
Radio Italia  -  11-3-2020
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... that was supposed to be held at the testing ground in Oregon, ... so I'm going to try something we never thought we'd do: giving it a ...anche qui sulla Terra provocando disturbi alle trasmissioni radio.  -  1-3-2020
... and its expansive facial recognition contracts have never been ... It was the first World Expo in Asia, and more than 64 million ... It built radio broadcast technology and electronic telephone ...
Quinta's weblog  -  21-2-2020
 Huawei "has never and will never do anything that would ... The company said its legal-intercept management system was built by a ...These are a mix of physical components that are added to mobile radio ...
Quinta's weblog  -  12-2-2020
Fonte della foto: Il Timone
She adds immediately after: «Without you, I would never have ... Surrogates Brigitte Bédard is a Canadian radio journalist, now a ... She was eleven years old when her life, up to that moment the ...
Il Timone  -  12-2-2020
Fonte della foto: La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
... which he said was questioned by the M5S's "justicialism". The ... arguing there is a risk of people getting embroiled in never-ending ... Zingaretti told Italian radio Thursday that "we want a solution, ...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  6-2-2020
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