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The use of digital data to analyze customer preferences allowed Debenhams to trim down in-store offerings by 25 percent compared with similar-sized stores. Debenhams's future may depend on a ...
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In order to view this content or use this functionality, please enable cookies: click here to open your cookie preferences . La gallery della settimana 26 Of The Most Powerful Pictures From The ...
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Local Preferences Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jose Neves plans to use the IPO proceeds to capture those customers by further enhancing localized shopping preferences and helping the retailers ...
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Most carmakers have tried to keep Google and Apple at arm's length, hoping to keep control of such valuable data as a driver's whereabouts, driving patterns, shopping preferences and infotainment use.
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... thanks Victor, Fixed: New URLs not being remembered after using Reset history in Open URL dialog Fixed: Various memory leaks Fixed: [gen_tray] Not showing correct current icon pack in preferences ...
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If you click the Reset button on the App volume and device preferences page, it will now also reset any app-specific volumes you've set back to default , 100%, . Updated Start so that it now follows ...
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... real ownership and control of data means having all your information -- from political leanings and product preferences to medical records -- in one place, so people can decide who gets to access it ...
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Opposition from the business community and parts of the government scuttled that plan and the Kremlin settled for a gentler approach, offering special legal and tax preferences for companies to ...
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... and Trump expressed particular skepticism Europeans would alter their buying preferences. "It's not good enough" he said of the EU's auto tariff elimination offer made earlier on. "Their habits, ...
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