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Fonte della foto: La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
"Sadly, after four years, we must admit that this awareness is still rather weak, unable to respond adequately to that strong sense of urgency for rapid action called for by the scientific data at ...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  4-12-2019
Fonte della foto: NENA
So the real question is, are we finally going to get our act together and respond in a humane way. In your reports you denounced the violence by border police and the lack of respect for basic human ...
NENA  -  2-12-2019
After a lost decade of weak investment, we need to tackle the slowdown now if we are to respond to the historic challenges we are facing. The EIB, as the EU's financial arm and climate bank, has ...
Tribuna Economica  -  27-11-2019
Fonte della foto: ISPI
In any case, the continent's cities keep being appreciated by their own citizens, who positively respond to opinion polls on this matter : as the Eurobarometer's surveys [8] show, the majority of ...
ISPI  -  26-11-2019
Fonte della foto: Padova News
Immediapress - Adnkronos Immediapress e' un servizio di diffusione di comunicati stampa in testo originale redatto direttamente dall'ente che lo emette. Padovanews non e' responsabile per i contenuti ...
Padova News  -  22-11-2019
With multiple risks to global growth clouding the outlook, there is concern whether emerging and developing economies can effectively respond to a deeper economic slowdown as they were able to do ...
Tribuna Economica  -  21-11-2019
... growing credit and liquidity risk in some parts of the euro area non-bank financial sector " coupled with higher leverage in investment funds " may lead non-banks to respond in ways that cause ...
Tribuna Economica  -  21-11-2019
Fonte della foto: La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
"The Green Brigade, the historical fan group of Celtic FC, to respond to racist provocations and fascist violence, has launched a funding drive to give to us and the Scottish Action for Refugees ...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  20-11-2019
Fonte della foto: La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
"This is worrying because high debts limit the ability to respond to economic shocks and market pressures".
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  20-11-2019
... when based on mutual trust between social partners and designed so as to strike a balance between inclusiveness and flexibility, can help companies and workers respond to demographic and ...
Tribuna Economica  -  19-11-2019
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