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'We are excited to demonstrate the efficacy of the VLP vaccine during a large-scale field trial and ... Medicago is developing a novel manufacturing platform to rapidly provide safe and effective ...  -  26-9-2017
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... who in 2014 worked in the Prefecture with Balda, when questioned during the Vatileaks 2 trial, ... Yet, Fittipaldi believes this statement proves the existence of the dossier in the safe before the ...
La Stampa  -  23-9-2017
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'Therefore, TS01 uses Nature's clot-dissolving design, in a safe, low-dose sequence of tPA and ... In this dose-escalation trial, 26 healthy males were given a single dose of HisproUK or a sequential ...  -  18-9-2017
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To date, thirty chronic bronchitis patients have been enrolled in the safety and feasibility trial (NCT02483637). Twenty of these patients have completed their treatments, with twelve patients ...  -  11-9-2017
*M6620, M2698 and tepotinib are under clinical investigation and have not been proven to be safe ... updated design of a phase 3 trial of avelumab vs platinum doublet chemotherapy as first-line (1L) ...
Padova News  -  31-8-2017
... ha sottolineato che l'interesse verso il trial SAFE Trial e' stato notevole. 'In tutti i trial clinici svolti nel corso degli anni,' ha dichiarato la dott.ssa Muetstege, 'Non ho mai assistito a un ...
Padova News  -  11-7-2017
Please see here for additional information regarding VIBLOK. The CLJI Worldwide SAFE Trial is designed to evaluate the performance of the investigational device, VIBLOK, for adults infected with herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2). Over 80% of total study participants are already ...
Padova News  -  11-7-2017
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...announce the publication of the long-term outcomes of a multicenter parallel-group randomized trial ... allowing physicians to apply a safe and robust therapy.' Neovii supports research and development ...
Padova News  -  26-6-2017
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