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Bloomberg, -- From his new perch atop a government agency that monitors the budget, one of the few people President Vladimir Putin has publicly called a friend has some blunt words about what's in store for Russia's economy. Alexei Kudrin, the head of the Audit Chamber since May, warned in an interview that a looming slowdown could be much worse than anticipated.
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I would actually say to him, you have to say no to some of these requests.' Hosler, who appeared to choke up at times during her testimony, said she's testifying in Ramchandani's defense because he ...
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Iceland already has some of the highest interest rates in Europe, with the central bank benchmark at 4.25 percent and mortgage rates at as much as 6.3 percent. Housing prices, meanwhile, have surged ...
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Some of the deals, totaling about $50 billion, had been announced previously, while others were for new ventures or marked progressive steps on existing agreements. --With assistance from Alaa ...
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... including February 2019 options with a strike price of $240, which give exposure to two more earnings announcements and "represent a better hedge on a corporate credit cycle than they have in some ...
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Kristian Miller and @jenkmeister have lots of info about what's happening with @steam_games including some big news! The store will have AUD very soon! #GCAP18 #MIGW18 - ...  -  12 ore fa
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... said, 'Running has become a wildly popular sport in China and we are very excited that the route was able to give participants, spectators, and those watching on TV the chance to glimpse some of our ...
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They are things that make Italians even more irritated and then some people complain that the European Union is at the lowest point of its popularity". Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio said the ...
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Puoi vedere il momento al minuto 1:25 di questo video postato da Kensington Palace con la BBC: Meet some of the Teen Heroes who will be recognised this afternoon at the @bbcr1 Teen Awards. The Duke ...
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Calls for Removal Some influential onetime supporters including Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham are now openly calling for Prince Mohammed to be removed from power. The prince's supporters in ...
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