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A spiked mask and a printed blouse with lace inserts and collar from #GucciFW19 by #AlessandroMichele . #AlessandroMichele #mfw pic.twitter.com/UF6eANyOAr " gucci , @gucci, 20 febbraio 2019 E' gotica ...
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View this post on Instagram A spiked mask and a printed blouse with lace inserts and collar from #GucciFW19 by @alessandro_michele. #AlessandroMichele #mfw A post shared by Gucci , @gucci, on Feb 20, ...
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As market participants absorbed the information, the krona spiked, and traded as much as 0.8 percent higher against the euro. Ingves said the need for sudden and rapid exchange rate interventions no ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  13-2-2019
As inflation spiked to a 15-year high in 2018 following a run on the lira, the government has resorted to market interventions to control price increases, going as far as deploying local police ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  29-1-2019
Their interest has only hardened the stock market's negativity: short interest in Scout24 has spiked since then. The suitors may yet be emboldened by Apollo Global Management's deal last week to ...
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The Favourite The response, however, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowing a Senate vote on bills to re-open the Government got the warmest reception as the S&P spiked into the close, ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  23-1-2019
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The S&P 500 briefly spiked above its average price for the past 50 days after the Wall Street Journal cited people close to discussions saying Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is a proponent of ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  17-1-2019
Inventories have spiked significant, 'which indicates this could be one of the most disappointing phone cycles since the 6s,' and now sees increasing risk to forward estimates for Broadcom, Cirrus ...
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has once again put the lira under strain, threatening to revive inflationary pressures for an economy barely on the mend after prices spiked following a currency crash in August. For almost all ...
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Sales in December jumped 17 percent from a year earlier, and the day after May pulled the vote on her Brexit deal, they spiked 74 percent. On the Markets - How will the pound react to the vote? ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
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