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Founded in Switzerland by Russian engineer Sasha Ivanov, Waves Platform has benefited from a recent boom of initial coin offerings that let firms create and sell tokens via its distributed-ledger ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  3 ore fa
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The Red Arrow 'Churchill', known as the most beautiful train in Switzerland, owes its nickname to the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who traveled across Switzerland on this train ...
Padova News  -  17-12-2018
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Dimitrie Sturdza è il proprietario di una grande azienda di cosmetici, la Deesse of Switzerland, ed è uno degli uomini rumeni più ricchi con un patrimonio stimato di circa 200 milioni di euro. Sturdza é un grande appassionato di tennis e ritiene che Roger Federer sia il più grande ...
TennisWorld  -  17-12-2018
Last year, the commission granted the exchanges just one year of market access as it pushed Switzerland for progress on the wider deal. , Updates with SIX, Swiss Finance Ministry comments in third ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  17-12-2018
While they may be a good way of diversifying of a portfolio, musical instruments rarely produce quick returns, said Ioan Gramatic, a concert violinist based in Switzerland who also sells instruments. ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  17-12-2018
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Brussels cautiously welcomed the decision by Switzerland to consult stakeholders on a draft comprehensive deal and considered an extension of so-called equivalence for Swiss trading venues for ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  17-12-2018
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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young / Rex Features , 153329a, Freddie Mercury QUEEN IN MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND DEC 1988 Diretto e prodotto dal regista inglese Rhys Thomas, il film è un omaggio al ...
Musica e Tv 2.0  -  16-12-2018
The transactions in question started more than a decade ago, after Denmark and Switzerland made it possible to claim back taxes on dividends through a revised double-taxation accord between the two ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  16-12-2018
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As the cannabis market grows rapidly inside Switzerland and the European Union, Viridi and its ?N Premium Cannabis are building a strong name as a leading provider of high quality, high CBD, ...
Padova News  -  14-12-2018
Organizzazioni:swisstsx venture exchange
biotech Genentech, now a unit of Switzerland's Roche Holding AG, which has delivered high success rates for years. "That's kind of an aspiration of where we'd like to be," he said. "We've done it for ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  13-12-2018
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