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...Filmax acquisitions have included the 'Basque Noir' TV series "Mouths of Sand" and Ibon Cormenzana's movie "Guilt" " the latter of which also features at this week's pre - Cannes Screenings and tells ...
CityRoma  -  9 ore fa
Written and directed by Thomsen, "American Sausage Standoff" is set in a small American town and tells the story of two hopeless dreamers who join forces to launch the ultimate German sausage ...
CityRoma  -  16 ore fa
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In the film Amin tells the story of his dramatic journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan to Denmark. This year's Jury Award went to the debut feature of Oscar - nominated and former Annecy ...
CityRoma  -  20-6-2021
The endlessly entertaining "Sparks Brothers" never gets bogged down as it explores the brothers' entire discography: It's almost alone among rock docs in its justified belief that every album tells a ...
CityRoma  -  20-6-2021
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Raynal tells Variety that the film should be finished for next spring, and mentions, apropos of Cannes, "This is Pierre's feature debut, so every selection would be open to us." optional screen ...
CityRoma  -  19-6-2021
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'This study tells us there is a lot more to be done to help Americans feel confident about their careers,' said Eylers. 'As we emerge from the global pandemic, University of Phoenix remains steadfast ...
01Net  -  18-6-2021
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BARCELONA, JUN 18 - Italy and Spain are "stronger together", Premier Mario Draghi told Premier Pedro Sanchez at the Italo - Spanish dialogue forum in Barcelona Friday. Draghi added that Madrid was a "...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  18-6-2021
Fonte della foto: Motosprint - Corriere dello Sport
Not thinking about the championship To date, he's scored three wins and a second place and, as the Spaniard tells website ' If there are a lot of cameras on you it's because you're doing ...
Motosprint - Corriere dello Sport  -  18-6-2021
Grant, tells the story of a baby robin (called Robin) […]
City Milano  -  17-6-2021
Right from the start, we meet the team on the field of the state championship game, which tells us how far the Mites will go, even before discovering the modest origins from which they begin. ...
CityRoma  -  17-6-2021
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