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The 30-year-old, who originally entered the U.S. on a student visa, is accused of trying to establish back channels to conservative American politicians during the 2016 presidential election. She ...
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Know someone who'd like the Brexit Bulletin?Colleagues, friends and family can sign up here, and our new newsletter, the Brussels Edition, offers in-depth coverage of the EU. For even more: Subscribe ...
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But chief economist Peter Praet, who writes the proposal, has said it's reasonable to expect clarity on the pledge to reinvest maturing debt "for an extended period of time." The Governing Council ...
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The spread of carbapenem resistance in Gram negative bacteria represents a serious and growing threat worldwide as identified by the WHO and CDC. CRE infections, because of limited therapeutic ...
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"The crop losses this summer were huge," said Christa-Maria Wendig, a grain farmer in the Brandenburg countryside outside Berlin who almost went bust during the fourth drought in just a few years. "...
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On Tuesday evening, only one person knew for sure whether enough Tory members of Parliament had written letters demanding a vote to trigger one: Graham Brady, the party official who receives them and ...
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With an election due within the next six months, the head of parliament's biggest party and the woman who polls show may become prime minister spoke of tougher regulation to target those with "fat ...
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WHEN in the world is Carmen Sandiego coming to Netflix? *hacks database* January 18! Who's ready to go on an adventure with @HereIsGina and @FinnSkata ? #NetflixNewsWeek " ...  -  2 ore fa
..." and "our farmers are well taken care of.' Backing Hemp The bill found a champion in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who cheered the inclusion of a provision that would make hemp ...
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A few steps away from parks, lakes and the Emirates Golf Club, it's the place to unwind with a book, take a run with your music, or simply catch up with friends who live or close to the neighbourhood.
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