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The potato seller told investigators, according to the AMF ruling, that a business contact "brought me back to the train station of Arras and while we were at the cafe, we heard that there was a plan ...
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... the law isn't likely to be passed in France before spring, Philippe Lorentz, a partner at August Debouzy, told Bloomberg Tax this month. --With assistance from Fabio Benedetti-Valentini. To contact ...
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'Common Sense' "I hope Brussels will show common sense," Salvini told Rete 4 television late Monday. "They count even the hair in Italy's nostrils, and they let Macron's France do whatever it wants." ...
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Moscovici told France's RTL radio that he was working so that "Italy is not sanctioned". "I think it would be negative," he added. "It is a big eurozone country".
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They take the 5G technology concerns, a technical issue for the industry, and turn it into groundless speculation targeting a specific company," Ken Hu, one of several rotating chairmen, told ...
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If I had somehow talked to two separate people, who somehow read James Gunn's Guardians 3 script, and both told me that it made them cry, I probably wouldn't be able to say any more. " Peter Sciretta ...
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Burberry has told analysts that they will need to be patient. Tisci's debut runway collection will start being in stores in February and from May, all new deliveries will be his design, the company ...
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... and news of the leadership challenge was probably leaked by one of the prime minister's own team, Graham Brady, who oversaw the process, told Parliament's magazine on Monday. Clark the Herald - May'...
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Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the Sunday Telegraph this weekend that the U.K. would "flourish and prosper" even in the case of a no-deal Brexit. May's Cabinet will discuss contingency plans on ...
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"I hope there is good sense in Brussels, not sons and step sons," Salvini told Mediaset television. "They even count the hairs on the nose of Italy but they let Macron's France do what it likes. "We ...
La gazzetta del mezzogiorno  -  17-12-2018
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