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... 297,000 from the Province 1,188,000 from the Municipality of Varese and 29,700 from the Park". ... also through a system of electric shuttle required by traders of the town." Now, however "La Region, ...
VareseNews  -  10 ore fa
... in the Andrea Room of Villa Andrea Ponti , full of people and many qualified representatives of the authorities and of business, the Prefect, Police Chief, several members of Varese town council, ...
VareseNews  -  10-12-2019
None of this will be possible without the collaboration of the authorities, from Lombardy Region to Varese town council, from the Chamber of Commerce to the University of Insubria." This means that ...
VareseNews  -  5-12-2019
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L'abete di 23 metri e 12 tonnellate di peso è partito nel tardo pomeriggio dal vivaio di Cittiglio, nella zona di Varese, a bordo di un mega camion con tanto di griffe, 'Spelacchio is coming to town',...
Il Messaggero  -  4-12-2019
Fonte della foto: Il Messaggero
È partito nel tardo pomeriggio dal vivaio di Cittiglio, nella zona di Varese, a bordo di un mega camion tutto decorato a tema, con tanto di griffe, 'Spelacchio is coming to town',, sotto la regia di ...
Il Messaggero  -  2-12-2019
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' Spelacchio ' è partito dalla zona di Varese in direzione Roma . L'albero di Natale della Capitale , così sopranominato in maniera ironica ...mezzo pesante con su scritto ' Spelacchio is coming to town ...
Leggo  -  1-12-2019
Parking is free, on Friday and Saturday afternoon, from 2 p.m. onwards . The extraordinary measure implemented by Varese town council, which we first wrote about two weeks ago , concerning the town's parking spaces in the 'Green Areas' over the Christmas holidays, starts on Friday, 22 November . 'The plan is ...
VareseNews  -  26-11-2019
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"We wanted to analyse the impact the textile industry had on the town, on its development and on ... Varese is ninth in Italy in terms of the number of companies operating in the textile sector , ...
VareseNews  -  25-11-2019
She collaborates with schools and Varese town council, and councils in the Province. Through this work, she promotes the teaching of visual language and the spread of art culture. It should be noted ...
VareseNews  -  21-11-2019
"It acknowledges the efforts we're making to upgrade the sports facilities and gyms in Varese, ... The redevelopment work: The work carried out by the town council included the creation of the new '...
VareseNews  -  18-11-2019
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