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Headquarters and Demo Center are located in ... We provide all required services, including sales, ... Demo Center will include the following: - Four types ... - Four types of robots: multi - layer, double ...
01Net  -  12-1-2022
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The HAIPICK robots can pick and place totes or ...on storage shelves up to 10 meters high and are ... The newest invention of a fork - lifting robot is ... 'We're impressed by the Voyatzoglou Systems' local ...
01Net  -  10-1-2022
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...its entire product line of service robots at ...and versatile robotic products coming to the annual ...coming to the annual world's biggest tech fest are ... We believe that the autonomous revolution led by ...
Adnkronos  -  6-1-2022
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'We will further enhance the competitiveness of ...of new products and software that are mounted with ...reveal of the company's latest service robots ...
Padova News  -  5-1-2022
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... Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), robots and ... The SG865W - WF module is equipped with the 7nm ... A highly customer - centric organization, we create ... ensures we are first to market and continue to set ...
Adnkronos  -  4-1-2022
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...industry applications and offline stores are ... The CEO of Unitree said, "The robotic arm is currently ... But we hope that it will enter our lives ...of intelligence." The Emergence of Collaborative Robots ...
Adnkronos  -  31-12-2021
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There are commercial and university racing teams ...are commercial and university racing teams in the ... We look forward to continuing to collaborate with ...competition of full - size AI - racing robots in ...
01Net  -  17-12-2021
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I believe her guidance will be invaluable as we ...as we scale Knightscope nationwide over the long - ... Knightscope's Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) ... Knightscope's solutions are a game - changer for ...
01Net  -  13-12-2021
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We are the Robots, una mostra ...
La Nazione.it  -  7-12-2021
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However, there are significant challenges in the ... We believe that this combination will also ... Amazon robots, scanning machines, and computer systems ...
01Net  -  30-11-2021
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