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I'm sending postcards from my heart Your love for a postmark and then, You know that you make me ...I hope you know that I'm sending a postcard I don't care who sees what I've said Or if the whole ...
CN Live  -  17-9-2014
... in comparison with the more basic KSO adiPure adapt whole sole n comparison is a bit thick, but it ... and often on business travel for the discharge of official jobs for love jog, adiPure conform only ...
www.comunicati.net  -  13-9-2014
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... confused me so I looked the other way I'm watchin' you now with a whole lotta love to give I'm half crazy, eyes are heavy If I can't be with you I would much rather be very dead Please don't break ...
CN Live  -  9-9-2014
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...zapitos You'd celebrate the minute you was having doe I'm like fuck critics you can kiss my whole ... try and push me I tried to ignore him and talk to the Lord Pray for him, cause some fools just love ...
CN Live  -  5-9-2014
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... pop the bar and all So bitches call ya hoes, n niggaz call ya dogs If you love ya wife keep her at ...mad cuz we is n you aint ballin' Gettin' money is my motto for you broke folks Can't spend ya whole ...
CN Live  -  5-9-2014
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... Or the number 2 bus, tell the whole world, papi Eve don't want nobody else, with other dogs pick & choose, But you, I'm keepin for myself (Chorus) Gotta man that I think I'm gon love forever, (ugggg)...
CN Live  -  5-9-2014
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...could (In the ghetto) Until your cake stackin shit'll get good Throw a block party for the whole ... I don't care You survivin in the ghetto you can make it anywhere Gotta love it Chorus Interlude: ...
CN Live  -  5-9-2014
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...I deal with the real so if it's artificial let it be I've seen people caught in love like whirlwinds listening to they squads and listening to girlfriends that's exactly the point where they whole ...
CN Live  -  5-9-2014
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Questo il dettaglio: al sesto posto "The whole story", al nono "Hounds of love", al ventesimo "50 words for snow", al ventiquattresimo "The kick inside", al ventiseiesimo "The sensual world", al ...
Rockol  -  1-9-2014
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di Pietro Pruneddu Il riff di chitarra di Whole Lotta Love dei Led Zeppelin è stato incoronato il migliore di tutti i tempi. Almeno, così hanno deciso gli ascoltatori di Bbc Radio2 , una delle più seguite e influenti del Regno Unito. L'...
SKY Tg24  -  27-8-2014
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CN Live27-8-2014
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