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Created in 2017, the Group is the result of the merger between Spread Research and EthiFinance, French financial and nonfinancial rating agencies both founded in 2004. EthiFinance provides its ...
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A partire da ottobre 2023, CDP si colloca così al terzo posto su 22 società all'interno del settore delle "Specific Purpose Banks & Agencies" europee, mentre si posiziona 33ma su oltre 1.500 società ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  1-12-2023
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A partire da ottobre 2023, Cdp si colloca così al terzo posto su 22 società all'interno del settore delle " Specific Purpose Banks & Agencies "  europee, mentre si posiziona 33ma su oltre 1.500 ...
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As a wastewater application specialist business, we provide monitoring solutions to the global utility industry with installations in more than 25 major utilities, government agencies and system ...
01Net  -  30-11-2023
AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Partners provide these customers - including advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, advertising and marketing technology providers, and ...
01Net  -  30-11-2023
... MediaGuard, offers both pre - bid mitigation and post - bid detection to safeguard Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply - Side Platforms (SSPs), advertisers and agencies, from fraud. Key benefits ...
01Net  -  30-11-2023
Following the meetings held during AGIR 2021, over 1.5 million in contract have been signed by the Gendarmerie/Governement agencies. Gather the Gendarmerie community of innovators, specialized units, ...
01Net  -  29-11-2023
... American Security Today's Annual 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Awards Program is entering its eight year in 2023 and continues to recognize the outstanding innovations of top firms and agencies in the ...
01Net  -  29-11-2023
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... compliance, and government contract management is enhancing this mission - critical solution." More than 200 government agencies around the world use Appian to automate critical business processes. ...
Adnkronos  -  29-11-2023
government cabinet - level agencies to improve their security posture and reduce risk. Learn more at . Contacts Danielle Ostrovsky ...
01Net  -  29-11-2023
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