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...the tools to better support and empower their teams with improved ... In this release, Asana's non - GAAP gross profit, gross margin, ...
01Net  -  8-9-2022
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We have seen improved performance on the back of more stable ... This also resulted in a strong gross margin improvement compared to ...
Adnkronos  -  23-8-2022
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... The Group generated a gross profit margin of 68%, up 1% on the ... up 1% on the PCP EML's Gross profit margins were 68% as the ... However, we won't successfully deliver improved value of those ...
01Net  -  22-8-2022
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In 6M22, the gross margin reduced 1.6 percentage points compared ... Sequentially, the adjusted EBITDA margin improved to 19.1% in ...
01Net  -  17-8-2022
...346 $ 2,971 $ 3,539 Key Performance Indicators B2B Gross Operator ...B2C Marketing Spend Ratio (5) 22 % 19 % 12 % B2C Sports Margin (6)... and will be supported by a much improved path toward increased ...
01Net  -  16-8-2022
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...towards a production ramp Significant gross margin improvement in the quarter was driven primarily by favorable revenue mix, with another sequential increase in ATS revenues along with improved ...
01Net  -  16-8-2022
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This new platform provides a much improved experience for our customers and investors, while also being one of the primary drivers of our gross margin expansion strategy. Announced new partnerships ...
01Net  -  12-8-2022
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... up 10% year - over - year SaaS revenue accounted for 54% of total revenue, compared to 54% in Q1 2022 and 43% in Q2 2021 Gross margin improved to 75.4%, compared to 71.5% for Q1 2022 and 73.6% for ...
01Net  -  11-8-2022
Gross margin improved for the 14 th consecutive first half expanding 50 bps to 39.1%. EBIT increased 10.7% to US$633 million, net profit rose 10.4% to US$578 million, and earnings per share increased ...
Padova News  -  11-8-2022
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The three months ended June 30, 2022 delivered better financial performance compared to the three months ended March 31, 2022 with improved revenues of 11.7%, gross margin of 3.3%, Adjusted EBITDA 1 ...
01Net  -  10-8-2022
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