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Fonte della foto: AGC News the alliance to enter into a military conflict ...The official representative of the Russian ...The West has abandoned family values and Russian society ...the fight for our people and the great historical ...
AGC News  -  2-10-2022 already recognized as the largest military ...fired upon by rocket salvo systems of the Russian ...and the Ukrainian people in the current historical development the development of our society, ...
Il Sismografo  -  25-9-2022
...'for his prominent support of Russian military ...of Church Interrelations with the Media and Society, ...attempts to intimidate the Primate of the Russian ...'in accordance with his legal and historical ...
Il Sismografo  -  22-6-2022
...come true in the liquid and digital society, much ...unacceptable in other cultures or historical ... His special military operation employed such a ... he has seduced a large part of the Russian population. ...
Italia Oggi  -  22-6-2022
Organizzazioni:european realitym5s
...difficulties in the conditions of the military ...conditions of the military aggression of the Russian ... because society identifies the UOC with Moscow, ...decisions made determined the further historical ...
Il Sismografo  -  27-5-2022
Fonte della foto: Corriere della Sera
...have sisu? And does it apply to your historical ...apply to your historical choice to give up military ... Are you concerned about possible Russian military ...well as equality of minority groups in society. ...
Corriere della Sera  -  19-5-2022
Fonte della foto: Girodivite
..." Ukraine's military intelligence said in a ... Russian media website Meduza said. Two sources in the Russia on February 21 as "historical" borders ...of science and development at NGO "Civic society ...
Girodivite  -  28-4-2022
Fonte della foto: ISPI
...which is a figment of wishful pseudo - historical about the superior capabilities of Russian ...have always been weak links in the Russian military, ...shock are the prevalent feelings in the society , ...
ISPI  -  25-2-2022
Fonte della foto: ISPI
...intervention in today's contemporary military ...of Soviet/Cuban intervention? Soviet historical ... Of course, Moscow officially denies Russian ...the two clashing identities within Ukraine's divided society ...
ISPI  -  28-1-2022
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