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___________________________________________ [1] Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium et Spes, 7 December 1965, 78. [2] Pope Francis, ...
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While the Second Vatican Council gave the Catholic Church a "beautiful" document on the priesthood, "it did not face the fundamental question" of the difference between Catholic and Protestant understandings of ...
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As a younger theologian and priest he witnessed first - hand the discussions of the Second Vatican Council. As a professor and then as an Archbishop he lived in a divided Germany but saw too the fall ...
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With the passage of 60 years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council, there are few people alive who remember the event, even fewer who participated. The council, comprising all the Catholic bishops of the world and called by Pope John XXIII, ...
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O'Malley, SJ, author of the book What Happened at Vatican II , made the following observation: In 2008 I published a book on the Second Vatican Council, and I received a lot of invitations to lecture ...
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In his conversation with the editors of Jesuit journals in Europe last June, Pope Francis recalled the acute hostility of some conservative Catholics towards the Second Vatican Council during its aftermath, even among the Jesuits themselves.[1] Some Jesuits tried to derail the efforts of Pedro Arrupe, Superior General from 1965 to 1984, to take the Council to ...
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National Security Council's strategic communications coordinator, ... (link) As has been traditional for decades, a Vatican delegation ... Primacy and Synodality in the Second Millennium and Today. The ...
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In addition, the ambassador's residence in the Vatican was ...' says the head of the Ukrainian Security Council. 'They must simply be ... The Kiev area remains in darkness for the second day. According ...
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Paul VI, who guided the drafting and approval of Nostra Aetate through the Second Vatican Council and continuing without interruption to the present day with Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has ...
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...the six - page complaint on behalf of the parish finance council. ... Cardinal Keith O'Brien, called on the Vatican to launch a ... 'This is the second time that the archdiocese has caused scandal to the ...
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