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...000, though the stock is still down more than 70% from its peak in November 2021. This isn't the ... according to a person familiar with the matter who asked to remain anonymous discussing nonpublic ...
Il Sole 24 Ore  -  23-3-2023
However, there is still considerable uncertainty around the future of the industry, as the long - term impacts of the pandemic on travel patterns, consumer behaviour, and government policies remain ...
Padova News  -  22-3-2023
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We remain committed to delivering clean, reliable power for communities and countries across Africa. with almost half of Africa's population still without access to electricity. Cantor Fitzgerald, ...
Adnkronos  -  20-3-2023
Still, it's much lower than it was in February 2022, when 66.4% of offers encountered competition. Home Listings Continue to Fall as Sellers Remain on the Fence New listings in February were at the ...
01Net  -  17-3-2023
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Despite this difficult market environment, Frankfurt Airport was still able to outperform its ...passengers is that liquids and electronic devices no longer must be presented separately but may remain ...
Adnkronos  -  14-3-2023
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... about which there is  still little general consensus . It's the findings from this rapidly ... You discover what you look for, and remain ignorant of what you ignore What has slowed progress in our ...
NoGeoingegneria  -  13-3-2023
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For the Ukrainians it is 'yes for us, but if the conditions and the actors remain the same, it is ... And it is still for this reason that the Ukrainian government, despite the disagreements between the ...
AGC News  -  13-3-2023
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However, the matter has not been resolved even if such measures will eliminate the consequences still remain of the lost. To completely solve the problem, it is necessary to get rid of the ...
AGC News  -  12-3-2023
Elevated mortgage rates, along with prices that remain high — despite posting a 1% annual drop — pushed monthly housing payments to a record high of ...seasonally adjusted—but mortgage activity is still ...
01Net  -  10-3-2023
Italian reforms make things worse Does civil justice still exist in Italy? For years, or rather ... The paradox of provinces, though closed remain open On June 5, the Court of Auditors, in a voluminous ...
Italia Oggi  -  9-3-2023
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