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Conditions now are much worse than during the Arab Spring in 2011 ... "We've already seen what's happening in Indonesia, Pakistan, ... Haiti, the Sahel, the Sudan and Syria remain 'of very high concern' ...
Adnkronos  -  6-6-2022
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...S. A, for Egypt, Continental Africa (except Algeria, Morocco and South Africa), Malta, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab ...
Adnkronos  -  19-5-2022
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... by reaffirming Syria's status as a member of the "Axis of Resistance," Iranian leaders want to ensure that Syria's Arab normalization is not a prelude to a similar process with Israel." Hamidreza ...
ISPI  -  13-5-2022
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...from the 25 th Special Mission Forces Division of the Syrian Arab ... which operated close to Moscow's troops having travelled to ... Over time, with the ongoing civil war, Syria has increasingly become a ...
ISPI  -  12-4-2022
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...the US and Saudi Arabia A decade after the start of the "Arab ... Ansar Allah (Yemen), and part of the Hashd al - Shaabi's ... With the exclusion of pro - Assad militias in Syria, some of these groups are ...
ISPI  -  6-4-2022
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... currently operating in Syria, were arrested. HTS is very close ... its proximity being the only common denominator given the group's ... an area controlled by HTS terrorists, in the Syrian Arab Republic.
AGC News  -  3-4-2022
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...own agenda (despite US assurances) "Officials in the United Arab ...(UAE) are upset with many aspects of the Biden Administration's ... welcoming Syria's president to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, along with ...
ISPI  -  31-3-2022
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Both countries have been vocal about Syria's readmission to the Arab League, but some member states " including Saudi Arabia " still refrain from embracing Damascus' reintegration. If Assad was to ...
ISPI  -  24-3-2022
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The same applies to most economies in the Arab world, such as ... such as Egypt " the world's largest wheat importer " Algeria, and ... such as Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, would probably face the worst ...
ISPI  -  10-3-2022
Fonte della foto: ISPI
The United Arab Emirates, the only country in the region ... followed in China and India's footsteps and decided to abstain during ... The only government to officially support the invasion was Syria, ...
ISPI  -  3-3-2022
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