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... in addition to residence rights or a supplementary citizenship, investors gain the right to relocate their families, their assets, and critical infrastructure to a more resilient place that will be ...
Adnkronos  -  17-5-2022
Fonte della foto: Adnkronos
... artificial intelligence, sustainable development, gender equality, and citizenship. Huawei has ... Sharing their experiences and views with expert speakers can raise awareness among young people, not ...
Adnkronos  -  12-5-2022
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'These changemakers are bringing innovation and leadership through their commitment to next - ... Department of Health and Human Services Rob Brown , Chief Information Security Officer, Citizenship and ...
01Net  -  10-5-2022
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Then you hear how some abuse their fragile situation. It is shocking and infuriating. - Did you ... many war refugees have Ukrainian - Hungarian double - citizenship, so they don't need to apply for a ...
PPN Agenzia Stampa  -  25-4-2022
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... strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, we have over 220,000 dedicated ... many of which are by their nature, inherently uncertain and outside Wipro's control. Such ...
01Net  -  11-4-2022
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...and developed nations with the greatest visa - free access also score highly when it comes to their ... It brings into stark reality the fact that your citizenship and passport really do matter when it ...
Adnkronos  -  5-4-2022
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Now it is a leap of citizenship that is needed, opening the way to a reappropriation of the ... A Pact that guarantees the active participation of all Europeans, finally actors of their common destiny. ...
VOXeurop  -  3-4-2022
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... anticipate their needs and enhance their lives. In 2021, we were certified as a US Great Place to ... To learn more about our company, our brands, our Corporate Citizenship efforts, our economic impact, ...
01Net  -  31-3-2022
Fonte della foto: Il Cattolico
... understood as an active citizenship: it means being responsible, participating in the life of the Church, animating the liturgy, and reaching to communities with their own religiosity and particular ...
Il Cattolico  -  26-3-2022
... try turn on CNN or BBC to see the different quality of their... The US can benefit from the war ... European citizenship to strengthen Europe Are European leaders really willing to change pace and move ...
Italia Oggi  -  23-3-2022
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