ukrainian armed forces

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  Avamposto difeso Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted an infantry offensive supported by 6 tanks. In front of the tanks there were 2 BATs, which cleared the fields in front of the tanks. Both BATs ...
Blondet & Friends  -  1 ora fa
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There were no Ukrainian servicemen on the territory of the region. On site are the Armed Forces, border guards, the FSB, the National Guard. In Shebekino and the surrounding villages the ...
AGC News  -  16 ore fa
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...enemy drones on the Krasnodar Territory happened a few days ago when Ilsky oil refinery personnel managed to shoot down all the drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the Kursk region, Ukrainian ...
AGC News  -  1-6-2023
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... which was threatened with attack as early as last year.' Teleconference also for Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which he explained: 'The Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost over 16 thousand ...
AGC News  -  31-5-2023
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Podolyak told The Guardian: 'The Ukrainian armed forces have started preliminary operations as part of the counter - offensive, but it will take a long time for it to gain momentum.' According to the ...
AGC News  -  30-5-2023
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This great skepticism of the General leads him to other considerations: "Moreover, the Ukrainian armed forces do not have an air advantage - and this is one of the decisive factors in any offensive. ...
AGC News  -  29-5-2023
... 'Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia blesses the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counter - offensive.'
Il Sismografo  -  28-5-2023
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One post reads: "The sabotage work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is supervised by the British intelligence services. In recent years, they have been collecting information about Russia in different ...
AGC News  -  27-5-2023
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On the night of May 24, the Ukrainian armed forces tried to strike the Crimean peninsula with drones. In total, seven Mugin - 5 UAVs were used at facilities in different parts of the republic. Target ...
AGC News  -  26-5-2023
Fonte della foto: AGC News
The situation in Avdiivka and Marinka is under control and there is no reason to fear a serious advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russian police officers have started work in Artemovsk (Bakhmut).
AGC News  -  25-5-2023
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