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Ukrainian sources report that the Russian armed forces again struck targets identified in the Sumy region in the morning. They do not say what they are working on, but not so long ago, planing bombs ...
AGC News  -  11 ore fa
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The appearance of Ukrainian UAVs in Russia's deep rear is becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence. Recently, a Ukrainian drone managed to fly as far as Tula, and several were found, in the Belgorod region. Now such attempts are mostly unsuccessful, but things can change, which is why the Russians are equipping ...
AGC News  -  27-3-2023
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On the social sphere there has been talk of a Ukrainian spring offensive for weeks now. And according to the news spam: 'The Ukrainian military will try to break through the Russian defenses in the first days of spring.' In the Donbass, the Russian military has broken through the defenses of the Ukrainian ...
AGC News  -  26-3-2023
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...were used to house the personnel of both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the newly formed Ukrainian ... ATGMs and equipment parking lots were knocked out.' We have no way to verify this news. Graziella ...
AGC News  -  25-3-2023
In Kyiv, the appeal to the Ukrainian faithful, adopted by the Holy Synod of the UOC on March 20, has now been posted in English. (link) A separate appeal to President Zelensky was posted earlier. ...
Il Sismografo  -  24-3-2023
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This is northwest of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fortified area at Avdiivka, which is under massive attack. Including the use of aviation. Russian troops also attacked in the Novokalinovo area. ...
AGC News  -  24-3-2023
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In the Donetsk direction, Russian forces attacked Ukrainian troop concentration sites in Orlovka, Avdiivka, and Tonenkoe. In turn, Ukrainian formations fired at residential buildings in Donetsk's ...
AGC News  -  23-3-2023
... perhaps a solution can be negotiated which would be fair to the UOC but would also provide the OCU with some presence in this great Ukrainian national shrine. There is some good religious news from ...
Il Sismografo  -  22-3-2023
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... Ukrainian information desks began to work actively, misinforming the population and causing panic. ... This news was accompanied by criticism of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had arrived in Moscow ...
AGC News  -  22-3-2023
That is why the news about the unjustified deprivation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church's right to stay in the Kyiv - Pechersk Lavra caused a great wave of indignation among our believers. Every day ...
Il Sismografo  -  21-3-2023
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