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...Acceleration Working Group. Robotic Processing Unit (RPUs) are robot brains, processing units for robots that map efficiently robot behaviors (programmed as ROS computational graphs) to underlying ...
01Net  -  5 ore fa
...striving for new revenue pockets if they wish to better understand the industry and its underlying ... • Panasonic Corporation • SAFT • Samsung SDI Co., Ltd • SMA Solar Technology AG • SOCOMEC Group S. A ...
Padova News  -  18 ore fa
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... enabling improved vehicle quality and autonomy Bridgestone, Hyundai Motor Group, LG CNS, and ... There are no upfront costs to use AWS IoT FleetWise, and customers pay only for the underlying services ...
01Net  -  27-9-2022
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The databases are fully transparent, so clients can see which underlying database source for each ... "This is an exciting step in helping to grow our presence in the ESG space and is ACA Group's first ...
01Net  -  21-9-2022
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"Every result comes with the underlying rationale and is executed in a consistent, accurate and ... "It's difficulty lies in interactions with lots of individual cases that together make up a group. By ...
01Net  -  21-9-2022
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As one team of 2000 talents in 15 markets, we will lead the charge", says Dr Wolfgang Baier, Group ... business & consumers, omnichannel capabilities, and its underlying operating platform. Two ...
Adnkronos  -  20-9-2022
As the underlying technology is broken through and user demand evolves and upgrades, the Internet ... and its functions include' order aggregation, group coining, over - collateralization, blind box of ...
Padova News  -  20-9-2022
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... general economic and business conditions; and assumptions underlying or related to any of the ... Email: ir@xiaopeng.com Jenny Cai The Piacente Group Tel: +1 212 481 2050 / +86 10 6508 0677 Email: xpeng@...
01Net  -  19-9-2022
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... contributing to poverty, and adding to the underlying causes of fragility and insecurity. ... the World Bank Group's Climate Change Action Plan 2021"25, and the Next Generation Africa Climate Business ...
Tribuna Economica  -  13-9-2022
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... the data - first digital asset management (DAM) platform, has joined the MACH Alliance, a group of ...and complex process of distributing content which wouldn't be possible without the underlying ...
Adnkronos  -  7-9-2022
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