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Even the separatists of the League have been forced to embrace the unicum created in Italy,. We are a rich country, less than we say, more than we critique. We have stayed alive so far, a sort of 'I ...
Italia Oggi  -  4 ore fa
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... flight, flightBaby high, high, highTouch the sky, sky, skyBaby high, high, highDiamond nights, nights, nightsBaby, high, high, highCause love don't lie, lie, lie [Pre-Chorus1]I've been waiting for ...  -  9 ore fa
"Galaxy clusters have not been used before for such a study," Migkas said in a call, making them "a nice new tool to study the cosmological principle." "We came up with this idea, an independent ...
Quinta's weblog  -  11 ore fa
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If you've been browsing through some porn on a Google Chrome 'incognito' window assuming that the trail will be wiped clean the minute you exit it, you're in for some bad news. Turns out the ...
Quinta's weblog  -  11 ore fa
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Trump's disapproval rating has been on the rise again, now up to 54%. There were some presidents with lower approval ratings to this point in their first terms, but no president had a higher *disapproval* rating than Trump now has.  -  12 ore fa
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When you've been scrolling to find your perfect mascara for the last hour... Try on nine long-lasting, volumising formulas with our #MACVirtualTryOn tool Take a picture and post to social tagging @... - Donna  -  12 ore fa
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This kid has been with us since he was 8!! Amazing family and awesome kid. Congrats @Jadenrock55 on signing your NLI to play baseball at @USC_Baseball - LVR, @lvrbaseball, ...
UbiTennis  -  13 ore fa
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... in support of the theatre workers? Before presenting the specific measures taken by the Dutch government, I think it is important to put them in the light of a broader debate, that has been going on ...
Teatro e Critica  -  13 ore fa
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#ARREST - A man has been arrested for driving offences following this incident; two people - no further dets - were injured when a car collided with them in #SloaneSquare #Kensington . They have gone ...
AmalfiNotizie  -  14 ore fa
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Even though several platforms and initiatives have been set up to collect and analyze data from the entire art scene and then discuss possible measures with the new minister, we haven't seen any ...
Teatro e Critica  -  18 ore fa
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