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Bloomberg, -- "Dude, they just voted, how in the world can you know that?" That was the thought flashing through Steve Eisman's mind as he was peppered with analyst recommendations in the minutes after Theresa May's Brexit deal was roundly rejected by the U.K.'s Parliament. "I don't think anybody has any idea what the ultimate result of the Brexit will be," said ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  16-1-2019
UBI Banca SpA and Banco BPM SpA said separately that they see no major effect from the ECB's recommendations. UBI, which led decliners with a drop of as much as 10.2 percent was 4.5 percent lower as ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
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Pearson has 12 sell recommendations, seven holds and only one buy among analysts tracked by Bloomberg. Meet Giasone Salati, the sole optimist. The analyst at Macquarie said his competitors have been ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
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UBI also sees no major impact from the ECB's recommendations, the bank said separately. "It's an unjustified selloff," said Fidentiis Equities analyst Fabrizio Bernardi. He said banks are still ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
... including any potential recommendations for the future reporting cycles. The only product category in the EBA's consumer protection remit that is included in the request are structured deposits, ...
Tribuna Economica  -  15-1-2019
Their governors want to be able to use the coal commission's recommendations to fend off more AfD incursions. Getting out of coal would be the second economic upheaval in three decades for east ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  15-1-2019
..., talk of how past sharp drawdowns of ~20% in a quarter are usually followed by quick rebounds with the caveat being that a recession isn't around the corner, and recommendations to buy stocks, ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14-1-2019
"Ensuring better integration requires an up-front investment." Building on the recommendations of the Global Compact on Refugees and OECD work, the report identifies a number of policies to improve ...
Tribuna Economica  -  14-1-2019
Bloomberg, -- The U.K. government has unveiled a plan to significantly reduce air pollution by setting targets that fall in line with World Health Organization recommendations -- and go further than current European Union rules. The Clean Air Strategy will focus on the public's exposure to particulate matter, which can damage human health. If successful, the ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  14-1-2019
The stock has four buy recommendations and three holds. Analysts are also making one of the most bullish predictions on record for the stock over a 12-month period. "It's fair to assume that 2019 ...
Finanza Repubblica  -  10-1-2019
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