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..." days after the arrest of one of the country's top foreign investors. Echoing previous ... The platform idea was initially put forward by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, a Kremlin-backed policy ...
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The rush takes the share of foreign currency held by Turkish residents to 47 percent of total ...the central bank has been very careful in telegraphing its intent to maintain a tight monetary policy ...
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... whose primary mission is to collect information quietly to provide Russian policy makers with ... The Russian government has repeatedly denied it's hacking foreign powers. Since 2007 Strontium has ...
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It's also a sign of how distortions from extraordinary monetary policy have become unremarkable. "... Aalund said, partly because there are typically fewer notes offered with that maturity and foreign ...
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As foreign inflows into Egypt's government securities ended months of declines in January, the including more economic activities and entities The objective is to maintain a stable tax policy. ...
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and EU policy makers continue saber-rattling over the withdrawal agreement as Brexit day approaches ... German regulator BaFin also has the power to waive the authorization requirement for foreign ...
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"Trump will be interested to hear from a conservative European leader whose views are sometimes very different from those of Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron," said Jan Techau, a foreign policy ...
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... incoming orders are stagnant and foreign trade currently provides no fresh impulses." Some 19.6 ... European Central Bank chief economist Peter Praet said policy makers could push back their plans to ...
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EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini meets Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives 12:35 p.m. Mogherini delivers a speech at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels 2:15 ...
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... "As a cyclist, I admit, I somewhat sympathise with @realDonaldTrump assessment of, German, cars being a security challenge," Ralf Beste, director of policy planning at the German Foreign Office, ...
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