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Tuesday marked Francis' fifth trip to Africa. When he was younger and more mobile, he waved from ... China and the United States have been racing to gain control over the global supply of cobalt, an ...
Il Sismografo  -  31-1-2023
Will Pope Francis challenge the US, China?
Il Sismografo  -  31-1-2023
In a wide - ranging interview with the Associated Press, Pope Francis has spoken out on several hot - button issues such as sexual abuse and relations with China, but in perhaps his most unexpected comments, the pontiff called the ongoing 'Synodal Path' reform ...
Il Sismografo  -  26-1-2023
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(...) The AP Interview: Pope Francis: 'Homosexuality not a crime' The AP Interview Takeaways: The Pope on 'patience' in China
Il Sismografo  -  25-1-2023
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing - wen told Pope Francis in a letter that war with China is 'not an option' and said constructive interaction with Beijing, which claims the island as part of its territory, depends on respecting self - ruled Taiwan's ...
Il Sismografo  -  24-1-2023
... published an anonymous memo circulating in the Vatican condemning Francis' papacy as a 'disaster' ... human rights on mainland China and in Hong Kong, and its move in some quarters to embrace the ...
Il Sismografo  -  13-1-2023
And what about Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong? - - Pope Francis has openly acknowledged the failure of his effort to reconcile Roman Catholic Church authority with China's strict oversight of worship. He complained that the Chinese Communist Party ...
Il Sismografo  -  28-12-2022
... social issues, the war in Ukraine, the Vatican's relations with China, and his pontificate. On Monday the US Catholic 'America Magazine' published a wide - ranging interview with Pope Francis, ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2022
In a new interview with the Jesuit - sponsored America magazine, Pope Francis defended himself against charges that's been excessively silent on both Russia and China - Russia in the context of the war in Ukraine, and China vis - à - vis its record on human rights and ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2022
- - Officially, the Vatican line, reaffirmed by Pope Francis himself, is that the Vatican - China deal of 2018 'is good,' is slowly producing its fruits, and renewing it twice in 2020 and 2022 was ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2022
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