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... changes in Accenture's level of taxes, as well as audits, investigations and tax proceedings, or changes in tax laws or in their interpretation or enforcement, could have a material adverse effect ...
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New Influence Performance Points for Non - Transacting Partners Previously, partners could only progress through the program with tier credits earned through transacted bookings. Now, non - ...
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... and such information is subject to uncertainties, risks and inaccuracies, which could be material. CIBL is a holding company with subsidiaries in telecommunications. CIBL is listed on OTC Pink® ...
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The invitation to Giorgia Meloni by the Cgil could have been seen as a mere formality. However, the Prime minister seized the opportunity to strategically position herself as a conservative leader on par with her European counterparts, shedding ...
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Reflecting on Pope Francis' decade as leader of the Church "Desecrator" is a term that could describe the first decade of Pope Francis' reign. He chose to take the name of the... M5s e Pd sono ...
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At least 13 archdioceses and 21 dioceses could have new episcopal appointments by February 2025. In addition, two dioceses Fairbanks, Alaska, and Houma - Thibodaux, Louisiana are operating without ...
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They shared their desire to move with diocese officials, priests and anyone who could help them find a new home. Eventually, a priest connected the sisters to Joseph Grady, the founder of My Jesus ...
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Green Ammonia could help achieve the targets as it helps in generating electricity without any emissions. Governments of the nations are tracking the widespread execution of green ammonia ...
Padova News  -  16 ore fa
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Thursday's Italy - England match could be cancelled if Italy's security forces are deemed unable to guarantee crowd safety.
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... competitive pressures faced by the Company; any significant deviation or changes in existing economic and operating conditions that could affect the estimated quantity and value of proved reserves; ...
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