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(DEI) is a fully integrated, self - administered and self - managed real estate investment trust (REIT), and one of the largest owners and operators of high - quality office and multifamily ...
01Net  -  8 ore fa
'We are fully committed to providing a fast resolution to our customers experiencing this challenge. Patterson has always strived to put the needs of our customers first and we have worked diligently ...
01Net  -  8 ore fa
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Political instability in Lebanon - which has been without a president or a fully functioning government since 2022 - "does not help" the crisis - hit Middle East, Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani argues. "The instability of Lebanon's institutions does not help the ...
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Dal 2020, gli sforzi di collaborazione tra WISCO e i suoi partner hanno portato alla creazione del progetto "5G Fully Connected Smart Steel Factory". Questo progetto ad oggi evolutosi nella più ...
Adnkronos  -  1-3-2024
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  La Marelli dichiara che il suo Fully Active Electromechanical Suspension System riesce a ridurre del 50 - 60% l'accelerazione trasmessa dal veicolo ai passeggeri: il comfort dovrebbe quindi ...
alVolante.it  -  1-3-2024
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This cutting - edge solution features advanced technologies such as pre - connection, unequal splitter, fully sealed box, and intelligent resource management, which together enable efficient ...
Adnkronos  -  1-3-2024
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E Ink Prism™ 3 is fully programmable, low power, and durable, making it ideal for creating dynamic and sustainable designs on any surface.' Directly inspired by the South African artist Esther ...
01Net  -  1-3-2024
... which eliminates the need for third - party apps like Google Authenticator Clear design - everyone can learn how to use in a few minutes Can generate unique and complex passwords Fully auditable ...
01Net  -  29-2-2024
Reportedly, Apple has explored two potential options for its self - driving car: a model with limited autonomous abilities like current production vehicles or a version that can fully drive itself ...
Quinta's weblog  -  29-2-2024
More HR work will also be apportioned to fully automated and self - service systems' functionality, and HR executives expect global business services (GBS)/HR shared services units to handle 3.5% ...
01Net  -  29-2-2024
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