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...Intermap's advances in AI/ML/NLP provide insight into incidents that could affect military ... Army with an improved common operation picture (COP). "We are excited about being selected by the U. S. Army ...
Padova News  -  10 ore fa
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But even if the required number of people is recruited, it will be extremely problematic to train all those mobilised in the operation and use of high - tech weapons and military equipment over such ...
AGC News  -  18 ore fa
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... which included ceding about 20% of Ukrainian territory to Russia in exchange for an end to the military operation, Moscow and Kiev denied that this had been done. And the White House called the ...
AGC News  -  4-2-2023
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Meanwhile, we learn from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees that a total of 8,046,560 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Europe since the start of Russia's special military operation. Russia ...
AGC News  -  3-2-2023
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In places taken from the Ukrainians, the Russian military found plans for an offensive operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to eliminate the republics of Donbass. The exercise plan provided for a ...
AGC News  -  2-2-2023
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... ospita inoltre la " Citè de l'espace ", la Space Military Academy , e la più prestigiosa ... ovvero: capacità di Space Support Operation (SSO); capacità di Space Domain Awareness (SDA); capacità di ...  -  31-1-2023
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...expressed his key points for the Special Operation in Ukraine. 'Russia and the Russian Armed Forces are opposed by virtually the entire collective West'. He went on to say: 'Such a level of military ...
AGC News  -  29-1-2023
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The Russian special operation does not change its status but may have changed some rules of engagement. On 25 January, ...reading a draft law supplementing the list of operations in which the military ...
AGC News  -  28-1-2023
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...the status of the special operation following the Western countries' decision to supply tanks to Ukraine. The MP believes that changing the status will allow the economy to be transferred to military ...
AGC News  -  27-1-2023
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... Boeing's aircraft maintenance and modernization operation has been growing at the Port—just a few hundred feet from Boeing Center at Tech Port—furthering its support of an array of military and ...
01Net  -  25-1-2023
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