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Previously, Malyuk had held senior positions in the SBU's Main Department for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime, and in July 2022 he was appointed acting head of the SBU. And while NATO ...
AGC News  -  4 ore fa
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Bondholders who have not previously provided their contact information are encouraged to do so promptly in order to ensure that they receive all future communications from the Company. If you are a ...
Adnkronos  -  13 ore fa
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E&P companies use Bluware to achieve previously unthinkable workflows using cloud computing and deep learning for subsurface data applications and workflows. For more information, visit www.bluware.
Adnkronos  -  16 ore fa
Long was previously at Daon from 2015 to 2019, holding the position of Senior Vice President, Americas. In his new role, White will lead Daon's global strategy and operations around expansion into ...
01Net  -  16 ore fa
CFEX's team has a proven track record of delivering market - leading products to the energy industry, having previously developed large - scale meter data management, billing, and settlement ...
01Net  -  20 ore fa
... and in accordance with the remedies available to the lender thereto that were previously disclosed in the Company's announcements on November 7, 2022 and November 21, 2022, a receiver was appointed ...
Padova News  -  20 ore fa
Players can now demo games online previously unavailable to them in their region and only pay for the time they played the game. Developers will gain crucial insights into user behavior and revenue ...
01Net  -  23 ore fa
Previously, Pagaya US Holding Company LLC served as sponsor for 16 securitizations of unsecured consumer assets. Overall, Pagaya has completed 32 securitizations for over $13 billion since 2018 with ...
01Net  -  7-2-2023
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"We are very excited to have the Dragonfly developed IL12 asset back," said Joseph Eid, MD, Dragonfly's President of Research and Development, who previously led the pioneering clinical development ...
Adnkronos  -  6-2-2023
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...the appropriate benefit/risk positioning and market accessibility to bring much - needed usable health innovations to people who need them." With the acquisition of Harvey Medical and the previously ...
Adnkronos  -  6-2-2023
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