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... monitors and peripherals; laptops, notebooks and tablets; flat - screen and picture tube televisions; DVD players; VCRs and peripherals; DVRs; cell phones, printers, tablets, e - readers; fax ...
01Net  -  2-2-2023
Extremely precise registration allows for two - sided printing on clear substrates not possible with other printers. The in - line UV varnish can be applied to achieve a 3D texture or clear ...
01Net  -  27-1-2023
Fonte della foto: 01Net
Optomec's patented Aerosol Jet Systems for printed electronics, and LENS and Huffman brand 3D Printers for metal component production and repair, are used by industry to reduce product cost and ...
01Net  -  26-1-2023
Fonte della foto: Adnkronos
"Over 25,000 customers innovate with the UltiMaker S5 every day, making the award - winning machine one of the market's most used professional 3D printers," says UltiMaker CEO Nadav Goshen. "With the ...
Adnkronos  -  24-1-2023
Fonte della foto: 01Net
Stratodesk and VMware allow retailers to connect a wide swath of devices such as receipt printers and credit card pin pads to workloads that have been virtualized and shifted to the edge or cloud . ...
01Net  -  16-1-2023
Fonte della foto: 01Net
This includes receipt printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers and credit card pin pads. VMware Workspace ONE: cloud - native device management that improves security hygiene and provides automated ...
01Net  -  16-1-2023
Fonte della foto: Adnkronos
We are a longstanding Zebra - partner, and are excited to be able to help customers manage Zebra printers and RFID devices in the easiest way possible," said Prakash Gupta, co - founder and COO of ...
Adnkronos  -  10-1-2023
FDM printers have an easily scalable design and are compatible with a range of colors and filament materials, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polylactic acid (PLA), and nylon. These ...
Padova News  -  9-1-2023
Fonte della foto: Padova News
... Snapmaker is a tech company that develops, manufactures, and sells desktop 3 - in - 1 3D printers that integrate 3D printing, laser engraving & cutting, and CNC carving. Our flagship product, ...
Padova News  -  9-1-2023
Fonte della foto: Padova News
... and that when a print doesn't work, it doesn't constitute a failure but is simply a normal part of learning about 3D printers. This motivated students to try again - tweaking the measurements of the ...
Padova News  -  8-1-2023
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