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Fonte della foto: Adnkronos
The Red Sea region is "of strategic importance" and the European Union's new Aspides mission led by Italy is "a ... engaged in ensuring maritime surveillance to protect merchant vessels and to guarantee ...
Adnkronos  -  19-2-2024
We believe this can be done while preserving critical MSS aviation and maritime safety services and ...worldwide.' 'We are delighted to become the one and only satellite operator from the MENA region ...
01Net  -  9-2-2024
Fonte della foto: FarodiRoma
The theme of multimodality and that of connection in air, rail, maritime, motorway and road ... and that Liguria confirms itself as the first region at a national level, tourism is one of the ...
FarodiRoma  -  7-2-2024
Fonte della foto: NoGeoingegneria
It is used in the 'defence of Australia', and can also monitor maritime operations, wave heights ... Following initial cloud seeding trials in 2004 in the region, Snowy found that the  "exceptional ...
NoGeoingegneria  -  8-1-2024
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