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... product lead at Marathon Digital Holdings, said, 'OrdinalsBot are leaders in the space who are working to innovate Bitcoin transacting. We appreciate their support of Slipstream, and we look forward ...
01Net  -  5 ore fa
Religious in Haiti are urging for the immediate release of six Brothers of the Sacred Heart and a priest who were kidnapped in Port - au - Prince on Friday, as gang warfare gripping the the Caribbean nation continues. Read more Vatican News
Il Cattolico  -  5 ore fa
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Many thanks to all those who demanded this with us. Lyudmila Ivanovna is still in Salekhard. The funeral is still pending. We do not know if the authorities will interfere to carry it out as the ...
Il Foglio  -  8 ore fa
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On Wednesday 24 January 2024, our grades B and C attended a workshop on EU. The workshop was carried out by Ms Marita Liontou who is a policy Officer in the field of Science, Advice and Ethics of the Directorate " General for Research and Innovation of EC. The content of the workshop was: European Institutions, their ...
Euractiv  -  16 ore fa
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' Here's to the ones who dream / Foolish as they may seem '... Green Book Peter Farrelly 2018 Green Book - Trailer italiano ufficiale [HD] Watch this video on YouTube Altro giro, altro caso alla Caso ...
Rolling Stone  -  16 ore fa
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Salvini, who estimates the bridge's cost to be around 12bn over 15 years, criticised the opposition lawmakers for filing the complaint. He has previously claimed the project would create ...  -  19 ore fa
... helping students get a jumpstart in the business side of hotels, restaurants, and food service industries. ISID is a state - approved alternative high school where students who are under - credited ...
01Net  -  23-2-2024
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Negli anni il festival ha ospitato artisti quali Green Day, Metallica, The Cure, Guns N' Roses, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Ed Sheeran, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who. Grande Musica, e molto altro ...
Toscana News  -  23-2-2024
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Children who survive this war will not only bear the visible wounds of traumatic injuries but the invisible ones, too—those of repeated displacement, constant fear, and witnessing family members ...
Il Sole 24 Ore  -  23-2-2024
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Full justice for Ján, Martina, and their families can only be secured when all individuals responsible for the murder are held to account " including those who orchestrated the attack. Furthermore, ...
Antimafia-Duemila  -  23-2-2024
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